Talk Therapy- Clinical and Health Psychology

Struggling with everyday stress or low mood, or more extreme mental health concerns?  Talk therapy with a Clinical Psychologist has proven results, whether for learning new strategies for coping with emotions or finding ongoing support to navigate the challenges life throws us all.  Clinical Psychology overlaps in many ways with traditional counselling, but a Psychologist can offer a bespoke treatment using a range of empirically validated techniques to help you relieve symptoms and find a new path to enhance your overall wellbeing.

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Pain Management

Those struggling with chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia suffer daily with the intrusion of pain symptoms in their daily lives.  There is often an emotional impact that creates additional stress and intensifies the experience of pain.  Many of these conditions may have a psychological underlay contributing to the pain symptoms.  Clinical Psychology can help.

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A head injury, stroke, or other neurological disease bring with them cognitive changes or new challenges to previous lifestyles.  Many people report feeling no longer themselves and having to adjust to a new way of living with an unwelcome injury.  Clinical neuropsychology has two aims: to test your cognitive strengths to help you compensate for any new cognitive weaknesses, and to help you adapt and discover a lifestyle you want despite lasting injury.

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Dr Amber Johnston

Psy.D., CPsychol, PgDip Clinical Neuropsychology, MSc

Many of us understand what it takes to be healthy, and normally it involves the physical- exercise, diet, sleep, basic hygiene and vitamins!  This is important to optimise our body, make it work to the best of its ability and to help us prevent illness.  However, all of our body reports back to one essential organ- our brain- and to what extent to we regularly and thoroughly ensure its care?

A healthy mind can be paralleled to a healthy body.  A healthy mind does not mean complete freedom from any distress or illness.  We all suffer colds, flu, aches and pains, or more serious disease at times.  When we do, those who have prioritised the general health of their body may be the ones most capable of handling these health lows, bouncing back more quickly.  The same is true of the mind.  Those who seek to optimise their mental health will still experience the normal moments of variable mood or stress, as we all do; however, psychology can help these people feel more confidence in their abilities to  handle these difficult periods, having a range of tools in their toolbox to utilise no matter what life situations are thrown their way!




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