My Approach

Coming to talk to a stranger about intimate problems can feel incredibly daunting.  I understand the cultural stigma around Psychology, owing to a long history of grave and depraved treatment of the mental ill.  However, times have moved forward, and with new media coverage and support from famous personalities, there is a changing tide breaking through the stigma and highlighting the benefit of using professionals to enhance emotional health!  My personal philosophy is that we all experience the ups and downs that life throws our way, and therefore, psychological support could be beneficial to absolutely everyone!

When you come into the room, I aim to be personable and focused on your individuality.  I will listen to your story, your symptoms, your goals, and what you hope you may get out of talking to someone.  From there, I will work with you to develop a treatment plan that will meet your needs, combining techniques from different types of treatments as appropriate.

Unlike the aim of some protocol-driven talk therapy treatments, I will not try to fit you into a box!  You will receive a person-centered, bespoke service that can mold as you engage and as you discover which aspects of therapy work best for you.

My Story

My interest in psychology began as a child, where I was drawn to wanting to be the person who knew everyone’s secrets!  I wanted to help, and I quickly found that I didn’t have to have immediate solutions.  Sometimes truly listening was enough to foster true healing.  From this premise, I dedicated myself early on to a career in the psychology of the mind, the brain, and more importantly, in people.

I began higher education at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, where I received a BA in Psychology.  During a study abroad opportunity in England, I decided to continue international learning by enrolling in a MSc in Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Reading.  With a rigorous education in statistics, the scientific method, and critical understanding of the scientific method, I switched direction to focus on psychotherapy skills in particular.  Returning to my home continent, I completed a Psy.D. doctorate degree from the George Washington University in Washington D.C.  During this degree, I gained a wealth of experience in psychodynamic and CBT techniques in a number of placement settings, including schools, hospitals, outpatient counselling centers, and prisons! It was within this training that I honed my interest to working with a range of conditions found in medical settings.

Post-graduate training and work has focused my work on the psychological stresses faced by everyday people, particularly those experiencing health-related symptoms or events.  Illness does not discriminate, and therefore supporting those undergoing medical crises or those having to adapt their lives to cope with medical symptoms or pain became a calling.  I formally expanded my expertise by completing a Post Graduate Diploma with the University of Bristol in Clinical Neuropsychology.  I now work in a hospital setting both in the Neurological and MSK inpatient rehabilitation department and in a private outpatient clinic offering services for a range of mental health, neurological, and pain patients.


British Psychological Society

The BPS is a UK-based organisation that represents psychologists and promotes best practice and ethical standards for its members.  Dr Johnston is registered with this society as a Chartered member.


Health and Care Professions Council

The HCPC is a regulating body of many healthcare professionals, including psychologists practicing in public or private settings. This body ensures its members meet minimum standards of training and skills within their stated profession.  Dr Johnston is registered with the HCPC as a Practioner Psychologist- Clinical Psychologist.


Circle Hospital Reading

Circle Health is a group of health related services including hospitals, rehabilitation Centers, and private consultation clinics.  Circle Health has received numerous awards of excellence in care and innovation.  Please see more at www.circlehealth.co.uk.

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