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Coming to talk to a stranger about intimate problems can feel incredibly daunting.  I understand the cultural stigma around Psychology, owing to a long societal history of grave and depraved treatment of the mental ill.  However, times have moved forward, and with new media coverage and support from famous personalities, there is a changing tide breaking through the stigma and highlighting the benefit of using professionals to enhance emotional health!  My personal philosophy is that we all experience the ups and downs that life throws our way, and therefore, psychological support could be beneficial to absolutely everyone!


 Dr Johnston’s Story 

Dr Amber Johnston completed training in Clinical and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy from the George Washington University’s Psy.D. programme in Washington DC in 2009.  Her interest in rehabilitation work ignited during this training with placements in MSK hospital settings and in corrections within the American local and federal prison systems.

Dr Johnston began a specialist neuropsychological placement affiliated with the University of Denver Hospital and continued with post-doctoral neuropsychology placements at Nexus Hospitals outside of Houston, Texas, where she was also Director of Clinical Services for two neurorehabilitation hospital sites within the network.  Amber was recently the Therapy Manager for a leading neuro rehabilitation hospital and managed a team of 30+ Allied Health Professionals. It was here that she completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology with the University of Bristol.  Now focused in private practice, Amber specialises in clients suffering with symptoms of pain, low mood, stress and worry, interpersonal relationship issues, and the aftermath of neurological insult or medical procedure.  She specialises in neuropsychological assessment as well as individual therapy using a range of empirically validated techniques such as CBT, DBT, ACT, psychodynamic theory, behaviour analysis, schema therapy, amongst others.  Amber is a chartered member of the British Psychological Society, is HCPC registered, and maintains a license to practice within the USA.












Dr Hand's Story 

Heidi is an experienced Clinical Psychologist and Psychologist in Neuropsychology. After starting psychology at A-level Heidi was hooked and committed to a career in this field. She went on to complete an undergraduate degree at the University of Plymouth followed by a doctorate in Clinical psychology at the University of Surrey. Heidi has experience treating a variety of mental health conditions and spent a number of years in specialist eating disorders service. Another passion of Heidi’s is Neuropsychology. She has also worked within a rehabilitation hospital for individuals suffering with neurological conditions and led a large team of therapists. Recently heidi has gained a post graduate diploma in clinical neuropsychology from the university of Bristol. Heidi offers treatment using various psychological models including CBT,ACT, DBT and schema therapy.





 Dr Anwen Whitham Story 

My style of therapy is about putting the person at the centre and tailoring my approach using a variety of the validated therapeutic techniques that I am trained to use to suit each individual. Once size does not fit all, so I seek to understand the each client by taking into account their history (medical and social), their environment (family, work, friends) and of course always thinking about their psychology (brain and personality). My research interests are rooted in individual differences, specifically how people respond to stressors. My clinical specialisms include neuropsychology and health psychology. Most recently I’ve been lead psychologist in intensive care through the covid-19 pandemic with a health board in Wales and I am currently working as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist within the complex care division of the NHS health board in which I work.














Dr Abrar Hussain’s story

Dr Hussain is an experienced Consultant Psychiatrist working within the NHS as well as private practice. His expertise includes the assessment and management of patients with a range of conditions including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, traumatic stress, personality disorders, functional neurological disorders and psychosomatic disorders. He specialises in Liaison Psychiatry (interface of physical and psychological health) and is trained in medication management as well as psychological therapy (CAT and EMDR accredited). He adopts a collaborative approach and believes in forming a trusting therapeutic relationship with his patients. In addition to clinical work, he is active in post graduate teaching and research having published several papers in peer reviewed journals. He has received positive feedback from patients on a consistent basis and has been awarded several Clinical Excellence Awards in recognition of high quality care.

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